LipSense dry lips: how LipSense healed my chronic chapped lips
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Lipsense Dry Lips: how LipSense healed my chapped lips and lip balm addiction!

My name is Carrie Willard, and I’m a recovering lip balm addict. I used to have several types of lip balm scattered around my house: one in each bathroom, one in the kitchen junk drawer, one in the car, one in my purse – sometimes one in my pocket! No longer. LipSense healed my dry lips and I never use lip balm anymore!

LipSense dry lips: how LipSense healed my chronic chapped lips

I’ve tried so many different brands of lip balm through the years. I even tried making my own or using straight up coconut oil. Didn’t work! I was so addicted, that I had even developed a bad habit of chewing the inside of my mouth when my lips felt dry.

It was after using LipSense for a week or two that I noticed something. I was no longer chewing my lips and I wasn’t applying lip balm. Glossy Gloss had healed my chronically chapped lips!

I couldn’t believe it at first, until I heard other people say the same thing. The Vitamin E and Shea butter in the LipSense Glosses is truly moisturizing. Instead of having a high wax content like other lip products (because it’s cheap!), Glossy Gloss is TRULY moisturizing.

You would think it would have sunk in at some point that the products I used to use on my dry lips weren’t effective – if they were, why did I have to constantly reapply them!?

Now, I only reapply my Gloss after I eat. I love it! Would you like to try LipSense for your dry lips and see if you have the same result? Contact me by leaving a comment below.