Four Days Left – free SeneGence sign up!


In my last post here, I mentioned that SeneGence is waiving the $55 start up fee for new distributors this month. There are only FOUR DAYS LEFT, including today, to take advantage of this!

I wanted to make sure that nobody was left out if they wanted to join. So here are the basics:

– No minimum monthly orders or monthly autoship (what a relief!)
– You get your products at up to 50% off. (Um.. say WHAT!?)

Meaning, if you wanted to get your hands on some awesome skin care or a new foundation or whatever, you should sign up just for the discount.

But if you want to make some Starbucks and Target money (or even Big Girl money), you can do that too. Because we earn money two ways:

1) Via the retail sales of our products. I mentioned that we get ’em at 50% off, right? So that’s instant cash in the pocket when we sell stuff. 💰💴💵💳

2) Commissions from the distributors we bring into the business.

Right now there are 248 women on my team. I earn a little bit on all their orders.

Sound nice?

It is. 

So if you want to hear more please watch this video some of the gals on my team shot (it’s only 8 minutes long):

Or if you’ve heard enough and want to sign up, go here: and then message me so I can help you launch your bizNASS!!!

Woo I’m excited for you!!

​​​​​​Post any questions you have below…..

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