Gluten Free Beauty Products: SeneGence is for you!

Are you looking for gluten free beauty products? Look no further! SeneGence offers gluten free beauty products. SeneGence makeup and skin care is gluten free. It’s also vegan, containing no animal byproducts. We also don’t test on animals!

Why are gluten free beauty products a necessity for some? Because if you’re sensitive to gluten or have Celiac disease, accidentally ingesting gluten through your lipstick, lip balm or foundation can cause symptoms.

Gluten Free Beauty Products Gluten Free Beauty Products

Medical experts say that gluten (the protein in wheat) can’t be absorbed directly through the skin because as a molecule it’s too large. But if a gluten-containing product, such as lotion or sunscreen, touches the mouth or lips, it CAN be ingested that way.

So, many people sensitive or allergic to gluten prefer to use gluten free beauty products for their makeup and skin care.

SeneGence makeup and skin care are anti-aging. Our creamy cosmetics and skin care boost collagen production. They even provide a natural (non-chemical) protection from the sun. They also contain botanical ingredients. They’re a marriage of the best of nature plus science. We offer effective solutions for real women who are too busy for products that don’t deliver!

SeneGence cosmetics and skin care are also cruelty free and never tested on animals. Our lipsticks are lead free and last ALL DAY without drying!

Contact me at clauth at gmail dot com to order SeneGence skin care and makeup! Or, order

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Saying Goodbye to “Low Maintenance”

I’ve spent the last couple of years saying goodbye to the concept of “low maintenance“. Because the truth about low maintenance is that it’s often a cover for feelings of unworthiness. When a woman says she’s low maintenance, she might really be feeling “I’m not worth it“.

The truth about the low maintenance woman

Of course there are exceptions. Some women simply prefer not to wear makeup or spend money on their hair or wardrobe. But it was certainly the case for me. When I prided myself on being low maintenance, the truth was I simply felt unworthy. I thought I shouldn’t be spending money on myself. (But I had no problem spending on my kids!)

When I shopped, I often settled for something I didn’t love. Price meant more to me than having a wardrobe I felt great about.

The result was that I had many functional items in my wardrobe. I was proud that I got them on the cheap. But, I didn’t truly love or feel great in those things. This isn’t frugal in the long run. And it’s not exactly emotionally healthy either.

I vowed to change this. It started with a new purse. I desperately needed a replacement for my current handbag (yes, I only owned one!). And since it’s an accessory that gets lots of use and abuse, I decided not to settle for a $5 thrift store find. Instead, I hunted for a high-quality leather purse.

I picked it up at a consignment shop I love, with tags still on. It cost $25. I may have had to perform deep breathing exercises while I handed over my debit card. Later, I found that this particular purse retails for $150. It’s Italian leather. Score!

Playing in the dirt … with a stylish hat and pink frilly skirt.

To further battle my tendency towards low maintenance, I restarted my Stitch Fix subscription. And I love it. I dislike shopping, but I do want to look stylish. I like having a minimalist wardrobe of pieces that I truly love and feel comfortable in.

Do you think of yourself as a low-maintenance kind of gal? 

While we label ourselves this way, we may simultaneously envy and judge women we deem high-maintenance. Since we feel unworthy, we’re uncomfortable with women who didn’t share that sentiment about themselves.

Have you ever met a little girl who is low maintenance?

I haven’t. My four daughters love a little maintenance. They love to play dress up, to do their make-up and their hair. Mani-pedis are de rigeur. They take their appearance seriously. And they have fun with it!

My girls have definite preferences for their clothing too. And I applaud this. Because low maintenance sometimes means…

“I don’t feel good enough about my personal style to project it into the world, so I’ll just accept whatever to avoid being judged.”

If you discover that under your label of “low maintenance” you’re also struggling with feelings of unworthiness, what can you do? 

Start small. The next time you need something, whether it be a purse or shoes, don’t buy the cheapest thing available. Wait until you find something you really love. Spend a little more for quality. Stretch a little. LipSense, for example, costs $25 – but it’s a higher quality product that will last for 4-18 hours after you apply it. The Glossy Gloss healed my chronically chapped lips when no lip balm ever did

Spend time pampering your nails. Instead of shrugging it off as a waste of time, enjoy how your lovely hands make you feel more sophisticated and ladylike. (And wear gloves when you do housework!)

Find a grooming mentor. Maybe she’s the stereotypical French girl who masters the art of being effortlessly chic. Or your stylish Aunt who wore pearls to the grocery store. If she’s just an idea, give her a name. “What would Gabriella do?” Would Gabriella wear sweatpants to run errands? Non! 

Take care of your skin. Falling asleep without caring for your skin isn’t low-maintenance, it’s irresponsible. Just as we clean our teeth carefully before bed (because we only get one set!), we should also care for the skin we’re in. Take just a few minutes to remove makeup and apply a nice face cream (see my morning and evening skin care routine here).

What do you think? Are you a recovering low maintenance girl? 

Facebook Live Sale Tonight!

Update: I didn’t get this post published before my Live Sale went live, so I apologize! But Facebook was having issues tonight and I was unable to see comments, so I had to cut my sale short.

It’s still “active” for the next 24 hours though and I have some great discounts and freebies so check it out!


I’m so excited for my live Back to School/Vacation’s Over sale tonight!

There will be NEW products and colors that I’ve never had in stock before.

Be sure to check out the skin care albums to learn more about our amazing anti-aging skin care! (Click on Photos, them Albums)

It’s packed with natural ingredients (such as nangai oil, volcanic ash, vitamins and essential oils, plant and herb extracts) as well as some of the cutting-edge stuff Dr. Oz is always talking about (hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C, etc)

Here are some of the special deals I’m offering JUST for the next 24 hours or so (ending 8 PM Eastern time Saturday!)

– EVERY sale gets a free gift. I had so much fun picking these out!! They’re all fun and girly and I’ll try to match your gift to you (stalking of your Facebook may be involved LOL!)

– All orders over $50 get free shipping AND a free gift

– All orders over $100 get 10% off and a free gift

– ALL orders get an entry into the giveaway for a free ShadowSense!

See you tonight at 7 pm Eastern!

And please tell your friends: I have a separate giveaway going on now for adding friends to this group, so you could win two products 🙂

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3 Minute Mom Makeup Tutorial

Often, moms don’t take the time to put makeup on in the morning if they’re staying home with the kids. I have 7 kids so I could certainly justify being too busy for makeup! However, I find that taking just 3 minutes to put on a little makeup helps me feel put together and even happier – it increases my “momfidence” and even makes me a more effective parent! You can read more about my 3 minute mom makeup tutorial below or watch the video!

3 Minute Mom Makeup Tutorial

3 Minute Mom Makeup Tutorial

Here are the steps:
– On a clean face I apply Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer by SeneGence. (This product is wonderful! It nourishes the skin and contains our anti-aging SenePlex complex.)
– I curl my eyelashes and apply mascara (I use LashSense because it’s waterproof and perfect for the current hot, humid Georgia summers and for water play with the kids!)
– Brush my brows into place.
– Apply a tiny bit of BlushSense – a smudge and water-resistant, long-wearing blush.
– Apply LipSense – a long-wearing, smudge-proof (super important for moms since our little ones are always touching our mouths!) lip color.

This video is 7 minutes long, but it’s because I was chatting with people during it on a Facebook Live and repeating myself a little bit. When I’m alone it only takes 3 minutes. 😉

What do you think? How long does it take you to put on makeup in the morning? Do you wear it even if you’re not going anywhere?

p.s. SeneGence products are wonderful for busy moms because they’re a “one and done”! No reapplying lip color, no smudgy stuff that comes off on your baby or clothes. So easy!

Life is crazy. Your lipstick shouldn’t be

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