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Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence
SeneGence Business Opportunity

I Got My SeneCar! (Earning a car lease reimbursement from SeneGence)

So that’s my dorky self hugging my brand new, 2017 Toyota Sienna. I guess you could say I was excited. I earned a car lease reimbursement from SeneGence – which was my big goal when I started my LipSense business and became a distributor back in late April. A car lease reimbursement is a somewhat common …

8 reasons why it's easier to be successful with SeneGence than other direct sales companies
SeneGence Business Opportunity

8 reasons why it’s easier to be successful with SeneGence than other companies

I’ve been studying the direct sales industry for years. As a blogger who hung out with work at home moms and wrote about the topic for over a decade, I had a lot of time to study it. And below I list 8 reasons why it’s easier to be successful with SeneGence than other direct …

SeneGence Business Opportunity

Join me tomorrow? I’m giving away a Starter Collection ($55 value!)

Hello! ​ I hope your Sunday afternoon is treating you well! I’m currently enjoying a little vacay on Tybee Island… if you’re not from around here, you may not realize that Georgia has a coastline but indeed it does! I wanted to drop you a super quick note to let you know that tomorrow (Monday, August …

My favorite thing about senegence/lipsense
SeneGence Business Opportunity

My favorite thing about my SeneGence/LipSense business…

I love how LipSense and SeneGence products make women feel as lovely on the outside as they are on the inside. And I also love having a part in helping them create their own business. It’s truly about so much more than lip color! If you’re interested in joining me,  fill out this application and we’ll take …

SeneGence Lady I got there
SeneGence Business Opportunity

SeneGence Lady: how I got there, and how I can help you

A few weeks ago I posted that I’d made the rank of Royal with SeneGence (the makers of LipSense). Now I’m sharing that I hit the next rank: that of SeneGence Lady. SeneGence Lady SeneGence acknowledges women who are working their business with rank achievements. Becoming a Lady means that I’ve brought a certain number of …

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SeneGence distributor income: what I earned my first month

The first thing most people want to know when they consider joining SeneGence (or any other direct sales company!) is this: what is the earning potential? What’s the typical SeneGence distributor income? I have only been in the business for just over a month. I joined the last week in April 2017. So May was …

SeneGence Maiden
SeneGence Business Opportunity

SeneGence Maiden: I made it, and what that has to do with YOU

A week ago I became a SeneGence Maiden! So you’re wondering, what does that mean and why should I care. Am I right? SeneGence Maiden A SeneGence maiden is a distributor who has brought 3 people into her team who are also working the business. The SeneGence maiden rank is the first leadership role in …