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I hope your Sunday afternoon is treating you well! I’m currently enjoying a little vacay on Tybee Island… if you’re not from around here, you may not realize that Georgia has a coastline but indeed it does!

I wanted to drop you a super quick note to let you know that tomorrow (Monday, August 28th) I’m doing a live event on Facebook with some of my Savannah girls – these are ladies who are also SeneGence/LipSense distributors who will be sharing their business stories.

If you’ve been curious at all about how this business works and how we earn money, tune in! I’m giving away a starter collection of LIpSense ($55 value!) to one participant.

All you have to do is join this Facebook group:

And be there at 7 eastern tomorrow night. See you there!

p.s. I’ve never been on a week long vacation in my entire adult life, but we’ve been able to do that because of this business. I’d love to share more and answer any questions you have during the live event. And if you can’t make it, reach out and we can talk another time.

Not on Facebook? I’ll be doing the entire presentation live on Instagram too! Follow me here:

My favorite thing about my SeneGence/LipSense business…

My favorite thing about senegence/lipsense

I love how LipSense and SeneGence products make women feel as lovely on the outside as they are on the inside.

And I also love having a part in helping them create their own business.

It’s truly about so much more than lip color!

If you’re interested in joining me, please check out my Q and A group on Facebook here: LippyChic Exclusive Business Q and A

We go live on June 24 (Monday), at 7 pm Eastern. If you can’t make it, the videos are recorded for viewing later. Or, simply email me at clauth at gmail dot com or leave a comment. I look forward to getting to know you better!


SeneGence Lady: how I got there, and how I can help you

A few weeks ago I posted that I’d made the rank of Royal with SeneGence (the makers of LipSense). Now I’m sharing that I hit the next rank: that of SeneGence Lady.

SeneGence Lady

SeneGence acknowledges women who are working their business with rank achievements. Becoming a Lady means that I’ve brought a certain number of women into my team who I’m training to work the business as well.

This business has taken off faster than I ever could have imagined!

SeneGence Lady I got there

There is nothing special about me. I didn’t reach the rank of Lady because I have unique talents. The truth is, I just talk to people about this company, which I think is wonderful and unique in the industry.

Anyone can open their mouth and do that!

It’s also fun and rewarding to share the product line (which is impressive – the more I learn the more I realize this!) as well as to see the distributors I’m training blossom. At this point I have more excitement for what’s possible for them than I do for myself. It’s awesome helping others reach their goals and working with incredible, dynamic women!

And I realize that it may seem odd to talk more about the SeneGence business opportunity than the products on this blog.

I do plan on writing more about the product line, which I use and truly love.

But here’s the thing.

The business opportunity SeneGence offers is more powerful and life-changing.

Let’s talk stats. Did you know that over 85% of American families don’t have an extra $450 available for an emergency and would have to put that amount on a credit card?

This business can change that for a family. It’s certainly done so for me! My husband and I have 7 children living at home. Life is expensive!

Get in touch with me if your family would benefit from additional income. I can show you how SeneGence offers a solid opportunity for anyone willing to work. I don’t work my business full-time because I have all these kids… but I’m still growing my business every week. Let me know how I can help you become a SeneGence lady!

SeneGence Business: Live Q&A Tonight!

How are you this Monday morning? I woke up excited because today I, along with a few members of my LipSense/SeneGence team are hosting a business Q & A session live on Facebook at 7 pm Eastern (that’s today, Monday June 26th!)

We’ll be sharing our stories – how our business is working for us, how we market our products, and the bottom line… INCOME!!

There are women on the team who just started days ago who are already watching their PayPal accounts fill up, as well as women who have been working the business for months who earn a solid full-time income.

Some of us do our business part-time and are stay at home moms, some of us have full-time careers we love but who do this on the side for fun or another income stream.

We all have different personalities and talents and styles, and we work our businesses a bit differently. But we’re all having success!

Join us! Go here to be added to the exclusive group:

I’m giving away a Starter Collection (valued at $55) to one participant. See you there!

SeneGence distributor income: what I earned my first month

The first thing most people want to know when they consider joining SeneGence (or any other direct sales company!) is this: what is the earning potential? What’s the typical SeneGence distributor income?

I have only been in the business for just over a month. I joined the last week in April 2017. So May was my first full month in the business. I recently tallied up the figures for my SeneGence income and was SHOCKED at the results. I didn’t quite realize how much money I was bringing in because, since I’m so new, I’ve made the decision to build my inventory and re-invest in my business instead of spending the money.

SeneGence distributor income: what I earned my first month

My first WEEK as a SeneGence distributor, I brought in enough money from retail sales to buy groceries for my large family (I have 7 kids so that’s not a small figure!).

My first full month in the business (May 2017), I brought in enough money to pay my mortgage TWICE (from my retail sales), and my commission check from my downline’s sales will be large enough to pay my mortgage again!

I’m thrilled with this after only one month in the business!

I shot a quick video below to talk more about this. It’s less than 10 minutes long. One of the reasons I’m so excited about my income as a new SeneGence distributor is sharing it with other women. I’m especially passionate about the stay at home mom who is struggling with money. If you know someone like that, please tell her about this! Thank you. 🙂

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SAHM to WAHM: How to make a profit your first month in SeneGence

This post, from SAHM to WAHM, is addressed to the stay at home mom who needs extra income, but who may not have a lot of extra money sitting around to invest in a business. If that’s you, please read on, or share this post with a mom who is looking for a legitimate business that WORKS!

From SAHM to WAHM: how to make a profit your first month in SeneGence

I have a special place in my heart for stay at home moms. As a SAHM, you’ve made a choice that you feel is best for your family, but at the same time, puts you at financial risk. I totally understand. I’ve been a SAHM for almost 19 years! I couldn’t dream of leaving my babies with someone else for most of the day, but because of this, I often suffered financially and emotionally. I think women are far happier when they have something of their own outside of being a wife and mom, and paid work is so gratifying. It feels great to use our talents, skills and abilities in a way that is valued monetarily.

I know how many stay at home moms want to become work at home moms. But if you search for info on at-home jobs or businesses, you’re led down an internet rabbit hole that can be confusing and overwhelming at best, and dangerous to your finances at worst. You’ll find scams and unscrupulous people and companies that don’t have a real product. LipSense, on the other hand, is a high-quality product that women love.

So, I created this plan, which I call “From SAHM to WAHM“, to show a mom how she can start a business with SeneGence International, and get into PROFIT in her first month (or sooner) in business.

From S.A.H.M. to W.A.H.M.

I started my business as a LipSense/SeneGence distributor just over a month ago (you can read how I began my LipSense business here on my blog). During that time, the business has taken off faster and bigger than I could have imagined! As a blogger with 7 kids who also homeschools, I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to a side hustle, but LipSense interested me. I wanted to do something that got me out from behind my computer and this seemed fun. Plus, I love lipstick and fell in love with the product! I knew I could be proud to stand behind it.

So here is the document From SAHM to WAHM: a plan to get in profit your first month in SeneGence. You can right-click to download it and read it at your leisure, then email me at the address located in the .pdf.

The document presents a plan that is working for me and my downline distributors to make money with SeneGence fast. Whether you need to make a profit right away to help improve the family finances, or you’re able to reinvest in your business and build more inventory, this plan will help you understand how we work the business and support one another. There is so much wonderful training available to a new distributor, and she’s never alone as she builds a successful business.

Do you have any questions about this document, or any other aspects of SeneGence or Lipsense? Leave them below!

SeneGence Royal in Waiting: if I can do it, you can too

Two days ago, I posted that I had hit the rank of SeneGence Maiden. This morning when I woke up, my upline had posted that I became a SeneGence Royal in Waiting!

SeneGence Royal in Waiting

SeneGence Royal in Waiting

A few things are clear.

One, I need bangs. Seriously. How big IS my forehead?

Two, I’m not posting this to brag. While the recognition of hitting this rank from my upline is wonderful, that’s not why I started my business and it’s not what motivates me.

The reason I’m posting that I made Royal in Waiting in SeneGence is this:

If I can do this business, anyone can.

I’ve made so many rookie errors I can’t keep up with them. I’m not a natural salesperson, but I happen to have a product that women LOVE and is superior to what they are already using and that, when demonstrated, sells itself.

Three, if you know anyone who needs extra income or who loves lipstick, send ’em my way.

If I can hit the rank of Royal in Waiting and this income level, in ONE MONTH in this business, anyone can! I have 7 kids, we homeschool, and I already run two blogs. I don’t have any more spare time than anyone else. And right now, I don’t even have a car! (THAT is my motivation – the SeneCar program that will pay for a new car for me and my kids!)

The truth is, people are coming to me. Most of the distributors I have brought into the business asked ME to join. There is no hard sell here, no pushy sales tactics. The vibe and culture of SeneGence is chill, from the very top down. I love that about this company.

Email me or leave a comment for more information! Read more about how SeneGence is poised for massive growth, and how you can benefit, here.

SeneGence Maiden: I made it, and what that has to do with YOU

A week ago I became a SeneGence Maiden!

So you’re wondering, what does that mean and why should I care. Am I right?

SeneGence Maiden

SeneGence Maiden

A SeneGence maiden is a distributor who has brought 3 people into her team who are also working the business. The SeneGence maiden rank is the first leadership role in the organization’s structure.

I made this goal in only 2.5 weeks!

But there’s more. Today, just a week later, I brought in my 5th distributor, meaning that this month I’ll qualify as a Royal in Waiting, the next leadership position.

What does this have to do with you?

If you’ve ever done direct sales before and it was a failure, please read on. I had the same experience. As I share in this video, I was once involved with a company whose product line I believed in 100%. I used the products and they had helped my health. They had helped others that I knew and loved.

But that didn’t matter!

What matters in direct sales is whether OTHER people want to buy your product!

Despite working that business HARD for a very long time, I had no real success. I only got in debt buying the product!


I’m not telling you I made the SeneGence maiden rank because I want to brag. Truth be told, my distributors came to ME! It was easy and simple.

The difference with LipSense/SeneGence is this: almost every woman wears lipstick. And women who don’t wear lipstick find that LipSense solves the problems they experience (having to constantly re-apply, smudging, lipstick on teeth, etc).

By contrast, not every woman uses essential oils. Or wears leggings. Or uses natural health supplements and herbs. Or what have you.

But lipstick? The market is HUGE. And once women try LipSense, they are hooked! It’s simply superior to other products on the market.

So my making the rank of SeneGence Maiden in only two weeks does involve you. It means you can do this too!

If you have any interest, please leave a comment or email me at

I can’t wait to tell you more about it!