Four Days Left – free SeneGence sign up!


In my last post here, I mentioned that SeneGence is waiving the $55 start up fee for new distributors this month. There are only FOUR DAYS LEFT, including today, to take advantage of this!

I wanted to make sure that nobody was left out if they wanted to join. So here are the basics:

– No minimum monthly orders or monthly autoship (what a relief!)
– You get your products at up to 50% off. (Um.. say WHAT!?)

Meaning, if you wanted to get your hands on some awesome skin care or a new foundation or whatever, you should sign up just for the discount.

But if you want to make some Starbucks and Target money (or even Big Girl money), you can do that too. Because we earn money two ways:

1) Via the retail sales of our products. I mentioned that we get ’em at 50% off, right? So that’s instant cash in the pocket when we sell stuff. 💰💴💵💳

2) Commissions from the distributors we bring into the business.

Right now there are 248 women on my team. I earn a little bit on all their orders.

Sound nice?

It is. 

So if you want to hear more please watch this video some of the gals on my team shot (it’s only 8 minutes long):

Or if you’ve heard enough and want to sign up, go here: and then message me so I can help you launch your bizNASS!!!

Woo I’m excited for you!!

​​​​​​Post any questions you have below…..

SeneGence free sign up all September!

Wow. This is unbelievable. Since I’ve become a distributor with SeneGence©, I’ve never seen the company offer this benefit (and neither has anyone else who has been with the company for a few years!). SeneGence free sign up to all new distributors for the entire month of September!

SeneGence Free Sign Up

It’s normally $55 to sign up as a distributor with SeneGence (which is ridiculously cheap to start a business!). However, for the month of September, SeneGence is WAIVING the free. It’s free sign up month!

Have you ever thought about becoming a distributor to sell SeneGence products (including the famous LipSense©?) This is the month to take action!

SeneGence free sign up

A few benefits of becoming a distributor with SeneGence:

  • Our products at 20-50% off retail price. We can sell them for immediate retail profits
  • We earn a commission on the sales of distributors in our organization, 5 levels deep.
  • Relevant, up to date training via webinar, in person and on Facebook to learn how to build our businesses effectively
  • Enjoy recognition gifts, the opportunity to earn exotic vacations and even a car lease reimbursement. You can read more about how I earned the SeneCar here.
  • There is no monthly sales quota, no autoship requirement, and no minimum size order to keep one’s distributorship active

In addition to this awesome deal, SeneGence is offering yet another amazing freebie.

SeneGence September Sign Up Special

When you place a 100 PV order (*more on PV later), you get a FREE LipSense Starter collection with Luv It lip color, Diamond Gloss and Ooops! remover. Wow! That’s a $67 value.

SeneGence free sign up

Would you like to get more information about the SeneGence free sign up? Please leave a comment below or email me directly at clauth at gmail dot com and I’ll get back with you shortly.

Or, GO HERE TO SIGN UP today and I’ll get in touch to help you get started!


*PV stands for point value. Since SeneGence is an international company with different currencies to figure out, the computer has to have one universal currency to compute commissions. 1 PV is half the retail dollar. So 100 PV is equal to $200 retail. Of course, as a distributor we don’t pay retail. We get a discount of 20-50%. 




SeneGence business opportunity

Are you interested in learning more about the SeneGence business opportunity? You’ve come to the right place! I joined SeneGence at the end of April 2017 and it’s been the best decision for me and my family. A few things I love about the SeneGence business opportunity and me are listed below:

SeneGence business opportunity

I’m convinced the SeneGence business opportunity is THE direct sales/network marketing gig for the 21st century. Here’s why:

Benefits of The SeneGence Business Opportunity in a Nutshell:

  • A “wow” product that is consumable – meaning it runs out and has to be reordered. With LipSense, we can show people how amazing it is in seconds by simply painting “stripes” on our hands and rubbing them. LipSense doesn’t budge. That amazes people!
  • A product that nearly every woman uses. Almost all women wear cosmetics or at least, skin care. (Yes, SeneGence has skin care and makeup, not just LipSense).
  • Botanically based, vegan, cruelty-free product line – this is something of interest to modern consumers!
  • Skin care science that works – in addition, our skin care contains ingredients proven with lab results to WORK. They do what they claim to do!
  • Low cost to get started – it’s only $55 annually to become a distributor. And most new distributors buy new distributor kits with product up to 80% off retail, to use for demos and to sell for immediate retail income.
  • Speaking of immediate retail income! In some companies, it takes months or years to build substantial income, but in SeneGence, a person could potentially make sales in their first hours in business. We can make a 100% profit on our product line by buying it at 50% off and selling it at retail price.
  • Lipstick is a recession proof consumer item. It’s true. Even during depressions, women keep buying lip color.
  • Your business, your way. With the SeneGence business opportunity, you can market your business in a way that allows YOUR personality, skills and talents to shine. Nobody will tell you what to do, but they will train and coach you if you want that.
  • Support and training – there is an abundance of free training available as a SeneGence distributor. This is optional and you can consume it on your time schedule.
  • Earning a car lease reimbursement (my SeneCar is pictured below!), bling (jewelry, gifts) and exotic vacations.
SeneGence business opportunity
My car, paid for my SeneGence
  • A sisterhood of friends, business mentors and women who will inspire, challenge and help you grow! Probably one of the best benefits!
    SeneGence business opportunity

Let’s chat! Get your questions answered and learn more about working with me:  fill out this application and I’ll get back in touch with you.

The SeneGence business opportunity isn’t for everyone, but it could be the vehicle to help you reach your dreams! Fill out this application and we’ll take the next step.

SeneGence Royal Ranking Income

Hi there! You’ve come to this page because you searched for information about SeneGence Royal ranking income. Unfortunately, I’m not able to tell you how much money I was earning when I was a SeneGence Royal (I’ve now ranked up to Duchess in Waiting, as of July 2018).

SeneGence Royal Ranking Income
That’s me, in the back on the left with the dark curls. This picture was taken at our company’s annual Seminar.

However, I CAN tell you a few things:

A SeneGence Royal ranking means the distributor has 5 distributors on their first line (meaning they were personally sponsored by the distributor), who all place a 300 PV order in the same month as the distributor, for two months in a row. (Don’t worry about PV, it just means point value and is a value assigned to retail dollars – since SeneGence is an international company, the computer had to create a universal currency to calculate commissions.)

A SeneGence Royal will have a different income depending on a few things: how large their overall team is, and how high their personal sales are (meaning their retail sales of products).

Legally, direct sales companies are held to firm standards of conduct and ethics by the Direct Seller’s Association. SeneGence is a member in good standing of the DSA, and were accepted into the DSA’s rolls in record time due to their excellent reputation in the industry!

Direct sellers aren’t allowed to share their income, which is why this page, even though it’s titled “SeneGence Royal ranking income”, doesn’t have dollar figures.

I CAN tell you that it took me 3 months to qualify for the company’s car lease reimbursement program. My car is pictured below. I love it! I also earn income with my SeneGence business that has eased the financial stress in my home (with 7 kids!), and that brings me great personal fulfillment. I’m so grateful SeneGence came into my life.

Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence

I’ve made some amazing girlfriends who inspire me every day. My husband had a health crisis but despite that, I wasn’t worried (because of my income!). My family is able to take nicer vacations now. And one of the most exciting things is being a small part of the success of other women.

We’re in business FOR ourselves, but not BY ourselves. Are you looking for the ability to own a business with a very small investment? Are you lacking good friends in your life who support you and cheer you on towards your goals? Do you need a “something else” besides doing your role as wifey and mommy?

Contact me by filling out this application –  and let’s chat to see if SeneGence is a good fit for you!


P.S. There are no guarantees and success is dependent on the work of the individual distributor.

10 Things I Learned My First Year in Direct Sales

10 Things I Learned My First Year in Direct Sales

After nearly 15 years of blogging, writing ebooks and internet marketing, my business journey took a dramatic shift. One year ago, I joined the ranks of proud direct sellers. Never in a million years would I have thought I would join a direct sales business, much less experience the success I have so quickly! But it happened.

10 things I learned my first year in direct sales

Recently, I made a list of the things that led to my success. I’ve created a large team of distributors, earned the company car and make a full-time income. Here’s what I did to make that happen and what I recommend you do:

Commit to 1 Year in the Business and Set a Big Goal

Too many people join a direct sales or network marketing company and “try it out”. That wasn’t my attitude. I joined initially because my sponsor had earned her company car in 3 months (a goal I achieved in the same timeframe). My goal was big, and I wasn’t going to “try” anything. I was going to put my head down and do the work, not questioning my decision or results for a year.

I believe having a big goal – not so big it’s unachievable, but big enough to excite you – and committing to it, is crucial.

Focus on Activity Goals, Not Results Goals

“I want to lose 10 pounds” is a results goal. To some extent, it’s beyond your control. “I commit to walking 20 minutes a day” is an activity goal. It’s easier to control. And guess what? Activities lead to results. Network marketing trainer Ray Higdon says that we should not be “addicted to the outcome”. Being addicted turns people off. They can smell the desperation!

If I’m Not Having Fun, I’m Doing it Wrong

Ours is a people business. And people love to have fun. What works in the professional, corporate world (being serious and looking smart) just doesn’t work in network marketing! Loosen up and enjoy yourself!

When I’m having fun, I do more of the stuff that earns me money. I recruit more easily because people want to join the fun. (Ever been sitting at a restaurant where the folks at another table were having a great time, laughing uproariously? Did you wish you were in their party? Exactly.)

What’s Measured Gets Improved

When I started my business, things moved so quickly that I justified not keeping good records. This not only led to a headache come tax time, but it also bit me in the rear in another way. Whatever we track, we improve. Once I did my bookkeeping, I realized that I was capable of more. My best months had several times the retail profits of my slow months. If I had been tracking, I would have hustled more in the slow times. Bookkeeping also helps you keep an eye on profits. Track your prospecting numbers too so you know how many people you need to talk to every day to meet your sponsoring and sales goals.

Get Organized and Plan Ahead for Success

Similar to the above, getting organized right away and creating systems for follow-up are time and energy savers. It may not matter much if you only have a few customers and one downline, but as your organization grows and you have hundreds of customers and on your team, it absolutely will! Create a follow-up system that works for you (whether paper, digital, an app or a hybrid) and that you will work.

Create systems for on-boarding new distributors as well so you have more time for prospecting.

Provide Value First on Social Media

Ah, social media. It’s the best and worst thing that’s happened to network marketing! So many people do social media so wrong when they join a company. Here’s the painful truth: nobody cares about your product or company. They are tuned into WIIFM (what’s in it for me?). They want value and information that helps them. People come to social media to be entertained, educated or inspired. Every social media post you create should do one of those things. GIVE value first and it will come back to you in spades.

Enjoy the Journey

It’s easy to get so focused on our end goals with our business (a rank, an annual income) that we forget to enjoy the little things on the way. Getting a new customer who raves about the product. Your first company event. Meeting an out-of-state downline in person for the first time. These are all little things to celebrate.

I’m the second from the left. Above and below are pictures of me and some of the other amazing women on the team at our annual company event.

Events Aren’t Optional

They just aren’t. Nothing can replace the belief-building power of in-person company events. The energy, the camaraderie, the training. We can’t get everything from a webinar. Get yourself and your teammates to company events and watch your organization blossom.

You Do You, Boo

Try all the tips your upline organization suggests. Do everything to reach out to your community, at least once. Get out of your comfort zone. But do find your niche. We’re not all the same. We have different talents, skills and abilities. And our customers can sense when we’re not being true to ourselves. It’s ok to be yourself and do what works for you!

Understand Marketing Versus Prospecting – you need to do both!

Marketing is a more passive activity. It involves anything you do with the intention of having someone reach out to you (a Facebook live, an Instagram post, an ad). Prospecting, on the other hand, is active. It’s contacting a specific individual and asking them to take a look at your product or business. We need to master both activities to have the most success in our business.

So there you have it! I hope these tips are useful to you.

If you’d like to join me in this direct sales journey, leave a comment below and I’ll email you shortly.

$55 in free LipSense or SeneGence products: Today is the LAST Day!

How does free LipSense© or SeneGence© products sound?

This month, SeneGence is offering $55 in free product to new distributors/wholesale customers. Today is the very LAST day to take advantage of the $55 in free product!

Here’s how it works:

You sign up HERE as a SeneGence distributor/wholesale customer for $55 (plus tax & shipping). SeneGence immediately credits you $55 in “SeneBucks” redeemable for anything in the product line!

Want to try our amazing foundations or anti-aging skin care? Or a starter collection of LipSense?

You’ll pay nada!

This is a great deal if you just want a discount (20-50%) on a wonderful product line. But if you want to do what I’ve done and build a business in part-time hours (including driving a car the company pays for and getting a full-time paycheck!), let’s talk!

Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence

I will work with you to train you in the business and get you launched right to set you up for success. You’ll be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself.

And my team has FUN! There’s tons of support and cheerleading going on in my team group on Facebook.

So go here to get started!

Or text me at 678-896-6355 if you need more info. I’d love to have you join me!


**Not everyone earns these rewards. Any distributor has the opportunity to earn these rewards, but it does come from work.**

**SeneGence or any Independent Distributor do not guarantee any level of income from the distributor opportunity. Each distributor’s success depends on her/his own efforts.**

LipSense Free Signup! How to get started for free

Sometimes people want to know if there’s a LipSense free signup? They want to become a distributor but funds are tight. I have an exciting announcement with regards to LipSense® and SeneGence®!

In the month of January, 2018, SeneGence is offering $55 in FREE PRODUCT to new people who sign up!

LipSense Free SignUp

LipSense Free Signup?

Well, sort of! Let me explain.
It’s $55 annually to sign up to be a LipSense/SeneGence® distributor. This gets you your wholesale pricing on our wonderful product line! AND you have NO monthly minimum and NO autoship or sales quota. If you place an order every 6 months for your own personal use, you keep your distributorship active.

But as I mentioned, in the month of January, SeneGence will give a new distributor $55 in free product when they sign up! It’s kind of a no-brainer. (You can click on the image above for more information.) You literally have nothing to lose, since our products are backed by our 100% money back guarantee and SeneGence will even refund you if you’re unhappy with your business.

Whether your goal is simply to get your LipSense® and other cosmetics and skin care at 20-50% off, or to earn an extra income, this is the month to get started!

Contact me to get more information!

SeneGence Countess (what it means and how to get there)

This morning I woke up with a new rank: I’m a SeneGence® Countess. I know that I talk a lot about the business opportunity SeneGence® offers on this blog, but that’s because it’s the most life-changing part for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the product line! (I recently posted a video on Facebook about our wonderful anti-aging skin care. You can see more here: SeneGence skin care.)

SeneGence Countess : what it means and how to get there

As much as I love LipSense® and the rest of the SeneGence product line, it’s the income I earn from the business that’s changing my life and that of my family the most.

What does it mean to be a Countess with SeneGence?

Countess is the 5th leadership rank in SeneGence. In a nutshell, it means that my team of distributors is 3 levels deep. So the women I’ve brought into the business have also sponsored others, who have sponsored others. Those 3 levels each have at least 5 active distributors.

I achieved this goal in just 6 months. Because I’m a homeschooling mom with 7 children living at home, I don’t devote full-time hours to my business. I accomplished this goal with part-time effort.

How to Achieve the Rank of SeneGence Countess

Achieving any leadership rank in SeneGence is really about a few simple things:

  • Talking about the product and demonstrating it to people
  • Offer customers (and others) the opportunity to start their own business
  • Train them to replicate the process

A few weeks ago I wrote about getting a brand new car with the SeneCar program (yes, everything in the company has “sene” as a prefix!). This means that the company pays my car lease payment every month!

I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel to step into that new car every day, knowing it’s not going to leave me stranded with my kids like the old clunkers I used to drive!

Not only is the new car wonderful, but my monthly commission check (from the efforts of the distributors I train) and the retail sales are awesome.

SeneGence offers products that truly work. I have many repeat customers who buy from me again and again because they love LipSense, our other color cosmetics, and the anti-aging skin care.

Would extra income improve your family’s life? My family wasn’t destitute or starving before. My husband brings in a good income. However, we couldn’t afford vacations. We were stressed come tax time. 7 kids eat a lot, and their clothing gets more expensive every year as they get older (and get an opinion about fashion. LOL!).

Having margin in the budget has decreased my stress levels. A friend told me recently that I look ten years younger. The skin care is good, but I believe it’s the income that relaxed my face. 🙂 🙂

One thing I’ve learned about moms and small business is this: sometimes it’s not so much the money that motivates them. Sometimes it’s the recognition.

How much do moms do in an average day that goes unnoticed by her family? It feels good to accomplish something that won’t be undone 5 minutes later! It’s wonderful to be acknowledged for your hustle by women you admire.

Please reach out if you would like to know more!

I Got My SeneCar! (Earning a car lease reimbursement from SeneGence)

So that’s my dorky self hugging my brand new, 2017 Toyota Sienna. I guess you could say I was excited. I earned a car lease reimbursement from SeneGence – which was my big goal when I started my LipSense business and became a distributor back in late April.

A car lease reimbursement is a somewhat common perk of direct sales companies. Think of the pink Mary Kay Cadillac, or the Tupperware Lady’s Wagon. (True story, my mom was a Tupperware Lady and we drove a Tupperware wagon for years!)

I think this is a wonderful reward. Not only is it AWESOME to drive a brand new car off the lot (you guys, I’ve NEVER owned a new car in my entire life!), but it’s also a great sales tool.

I can point outside when I’m talking to someone about my business and say, “You see that sparkly new car outside? I earned that from my company!

At that point, I definitely have their attention! The sales guy at the Toyota dealership was pretty cool… he was shocked when he found out that I earned this car. “You must sell a lot of lipstick!” was his surprised response.

Teehee. I love it.

Car Lease Reimbursement from SeneGence

People don’t always take direct sales seriously, mostly because they tried it and failed, or know someone who did.

Here’s the thing: I know lots of people who have built full time incomes with their direct sales business. Growing up, I was in a household where I saw my mom make great money with a few different companies. I KNEW what was possible.

Yet the first time I tried the business (14 years ago, with a health supplements company), I failed miserably!

I explain here the 8 reasons why I believe it’s possible to be successful with SeneGence over other companies.

There I am driving some of my 7 kids around (they’re not all pictured). It feels so good to be in a NICE, SAFE car!

I met this goal of earning the car lease reimbursement in only 3 months in my business. These results aren’t typical, but they are common enough – I’ve seen many women achieve the same in a similar time frame in my company!

It does take work to make a direct sales business work. But it’s fun work. It’s fulfilling work. I help women feel more beautiful and confident, and I get paid to do it! I also love that I’m helping women meet THEIR income goals. The distributors on my team motivate me to be the best leader I can be, and they tell me that I inspire them. What a neat way to earn money!

Please contact me if you have any interest in learning more or if the idea of earning a new car, paid for each month by SeneGence, interests you! Leave a comment below or email me directly at


8 reasons why it’s easier to be successful with SeneGence than other companies

I’ve been studying the direct sales industry for years. As a blogger who hung out with work at home moms and wrote about the topic for over a decade, I had a lot of time to study it. And below I list 8 reasons why it’s easier to be successful with SeneGence than other direct sales companies.

Since becoming a distributor I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of women who were previously in another direct sales company but who made little money, but who are experiencing much success in SeneGence/LipSense.

I’m included in this group – I worked hard for a long time at a business whose products I loved but made no money. I worked my business every day, attended trainings, learned about the product, followed the system of my upline, and totally loved the products and the company.

But I failed miserably after a solid year of consistent work!

8 reasons why it's easier to be successful with SeneGence than other direct sales companies
On the other hand, I have enjoyed fast success in SeneGence.

In only 3 months, I earned the car lease reimbursement. I’m pictured below with my brand new car that SeneGence pays for each month.

I earn a full-time income and it grows every month, despite the fact that I work very part time hours, especially now that homeschool is back in session!

What makes the difference? Why did I fail so miserably at that other direct sales business but have fast success with SeneGence?

(Please note: I am NOT dissing other direct sales companies! I love this business and grew up around it. I also support other direct sellers when at all possible, preferring to buy from work at home moms than supporting big box stores. Even though I’m a happy customer of some other direct sales companies however, I have found it’s far easier to make money with SeneGence.)

After thinking about this at length, and observing and talking with other distributors in the company and those on my own team, I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because of the following things:

8 Reasons Why It’s Easier to be Successful with SeneGence Than Other Companies

1) In SeneGence, we sell consumable products.

This means they have to be reordered because they’re used up (unlike a “one and done” like a water filter). And, almost all women are ALREADY in the habit of using makeup and skin care.

In other words we are not having to convince someone to change their habit or to use a product that they don’t already use and understand. We don’t have to convince someone to lose weight, stay on a regimen, etc.

Our target market is HUGE. Even women who never wear lipstick do use skin care and/or other makeup.

2) SeneGence has a low barrier of entry.

With some companies, an initial investment of thousands of dollars is required. In SeneGence, it takes just $55 to start, and you don’t have to place a large initial order if you’re not in a position to. You can collect payment and do pre-orders.

3) LipSense is easy to “wow!” customers with. 

With health products, it may take months of product use before people see a difference. It can be difficult to convince people to buy hundreds of dollars worth of health supplements before they feel better.

However, in SeneGence, we can wow our customers in *seconds* by swiping our lip color and showing that it’s smudge-proof, or by posting a quick video on social media.

4) Our business is FUN and “light”.

We don’t have to worry about the FDA cracking down on us for making health claims (as in the case of a health direct sales business), or delving into people’s personal health issues, worrying about drug interactions or deal with endless questions about safety and ingredients (this was such a pain when I was in a health company!).

We’re helping women feel more beautiful and confident and we get paid to do so! How fun is that? We get to play with makeup and make money getting in touch with our inner little girl.

5) Lipstick is recession proof.

History shows that even in times of economic recession, the sale of lip color does not drop. When people have money problems they will stop buying health supplements and clothing but women will find a way to buy their favorite lip color even if it means scrimping in other areas.

6) An abundance of training is available.

There is such an abundance of training both inside the company website from corporate and from distributors who freely share their knowledge on Facebook and YouTube. There isn’t a culture of scarcity where distributors hoard their secrets of success!

7) Our compensation plan is generous and it’s possible to earn full time income in months instead of years.

Our founder, Joni Rogers-Kante, envisioned a company with a generous compensation plan that rewarded more to the distributors rather than corporate. SeneGence is the result!

As a SeneGence distributor, we earn generous commissions on our downline team’s sales. We also have the opportunity to earn immediate cash on retail sales!

Not every company allows their distributors to sell the products at retail because everyone pays the same price, in some cases being enrolled into the company auto-ship (which is a hard sell to a new customer who doesn’t want to hand over their credit card number!).

Those companies advertise this as a benefit, but a distributor who is in the position to immediately earn cash in her first week in business via retail sales can use that money right away to put gas in her car, buy the big box of diapers, spoil her kids or herself with something new or pay a bill.

8) Stable company, not a “ground floor” with no history of success.  

SeneGence has been in business for 18 years (since 1999) and has the infrastructure in place for massive growth without folding. We have just come through a period of huge growth (over 2200% from April 2016-2017!) and dealt with slow and out of stock situations, and we have come out the other side.

Many companies who have the kind of growth we experienced last year would have simply folded!

And yet since most people have still never heard of SeneGence, we have the opportunity to be the person to introduce it to them.

What’s holding you back from joining us?

If you would like to learn more, watch this video in which I touch on these points and explain why people who were unsuccessful in other direct sales businesses are having fast success with SeneGence!

If you would like to learn more about how I’ve been able to build a team of 69 distributors, earn a full-time income including a paid-for car, please leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch.