Foundation application tips: how to get natural, great coverage

Since coming back from company training in California, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite skin care tidbits and product nuggets with you. Today’s post has several foundation application tips to help you get that gorgeous, natural coverage you want!

That’s me, second from left, with a few of my “SeneBesties”.

Foundation Application Tips

Foundation is the “canvas” on which we build our makeup. Did you know that foundation provides an important shield from the sun’s dangerous rays, and from environmental pollution? Foundation isn’t bad for your skin. It’s the opposite!

Here are a few top foundation application tips to enhance your skin and create a natural-looking base.

Foundation application tips

Apply foundation with the right tool

It may seem easy and fast to apply foundation with your fingers, but it won’t blend as well, and touching our face is a bad idea anyway. For better blending, use a stipple brush or damp beauty sponge (note: I give my customers a beauty blender with foundation purchases, no charge!).

With a brush, blend or stipple the foundation create an airbrushed look – you’ll also end up using less product! With a sponge, dab gently to avoid creating lines.

Don’t Use Powder Foundation

Powder foundation can taken on a chalky appearance and settle into wrinkles, making it a bad choice for women of a certain age. It can also dry out skin and looks unnatural in pictures. Use SeneGence liquid MakeSense Foundation for the most natural and flawless coverage. It’s a good idea to use powder, however, when setting your makeup at the end — Translucid Powder in Natural is perfect for this!

Don’t Showcase Fine Lines

Foundation is meant to hide fine lines, not highlight them. Apply a thinner layer of product under the eye and around the mouth (where wrinkles are most obvious). You can also use our amazing Eye Creme under AND over foundation! (us “women of a certain age” really benefit from this practice. Our founder, Joni, carries Eye Creme in her purse so she can reapply it under her eyes!)

Tip: Be sure to use MakeSense Silk before foundation application to fill fine lines and wrinkles and create a smooth skin surface. Silk, used long-term, will shrink pores!

Don’t Test Color on Your Hands

To color test, don’t use the back of your hand. Our face is a different color! Instead, test the color on your jaw line to find a match. I offer color matching help! Just message me, or if you’re local, let’s meet up so I can swatch you!

MakeSense Foundation provides the perfect, natural feeling and looking coverage and anti-aging benefits to the skin, and is available in Original and Advanced Anti-Aging for fantastic coverage and skin benefits in one. It gives a mechanical shield of SPF 30 when layered over our moisturizers, with no chemical sunscreen!


p.s. You can shop online 24/7 directly from my site: – remember all foundation orders come with a F R E E beauty blender!

Welcome MoneySavingMom/Crystal Paine followers :-)

Yesterday my longtime blogging friend Crystal Paine of did an Instagram story about LipSense. I sent her Aussie Rose and she tried it and reviewed it there. I wanted to welcome those of you who clicked on over from there to this site and tell you a bit more about LipSense!

Crystal Paine MoneySavingMom LipSense review

LipSense is a unique, patented long-wearing lip color that stays and stays. As Crystal mentioned, she wore her color all day long without reapplying! And too she experienced the “tingle” when she first applied it. The reason some women have a tingle is because of the cosmetic grade alcohol in the product. LipSense is a liquid lip color with pure color pigments suspended in a liquid formula. The alcohol is there to help it evaporate quickly, leaving behind those color pigments, and to reduce bacterial content. Since a tube of LipSense is equivalent to FOUR regular lipsticks, it’s going to last a long time! We don’t use preservatives in the product, so the alcohol is there for that reason too.

Lipsense tingle

The tingle stops instantly when the Gloss is applied, and most women don’t have the tingle after the first few applications.

LipSense color is topped with Gloss. The gloss moisturizes the lips with Vitamin E, shea butter and other botanical ingredients, and seals the color in for all-day wear. The Gloss is why the LipSense system doesn’t dry out your lips the way other long-wearing lipsticks do!

Crystal also mentioned the price of LipSense – it is $55 for the Starter Collection for a new customer, which includes Color, Gloss and Ooops! Remover to fix mistakes or remove at night. Going forward, additional colors can be purchased for just $25. Since once tube of LipSense is equal to four tubes of regular lipstick and since it’s only applied once a day, LipSense is a great value. In addition, LipSense colors can be layered to create endless color combinations. If you have 3 colors, you can make 27 unique shades (the color is applied in 3 layers)!

If you’d like more information on LipSense, please join my Facebook group LippyChic, or browse here or contact me. Or leave a comment below. Thanks!

LipSense tips for longest wear

For most women, LipSense goes on beautifully and stays on for hours. Rarely, though, a woman will experience some issues that need troubleshooting. Here are 4 LipSense tips that will get you the longest, loveliest wear. To get more tips and early notification of discounts and specials, join my Facebook group!

LipSense Tips

There are 4 common reasons why someone may not get long, beautiful wear out of their LipSense.

1) Applying LipSense too thickly

After you shake your LipSense tube, let it sit for a second upright. Wipe the excess product off so it goes back into the tube. You’ll save money and get a better application by applying 3 THIN layers. Thick layers are gloppy and runny and not even. Thin layers dry more easily. There should be NO COLOR on your Glossy Gloss wand at all when you apply it after LipSense. If there is, the layers are too thick and/or they need a bit more dry time.

2) Start with clean, DRY lips

Remove whatever’s on your lips (lip balm, Gloss, toothpaste, makeup that flecks off onto your mouth, food, etc) with a warm, damp washcloth or microfiber cloth. Start with a blank slate! And DRY lips carefully with microfiber or something non-linty.

3) Exfoliation issues

Those of us (cough cough ME) with severe chapped lips who, before LipSense, were addicted to balms, will go through a lengthy normalizing phase (for me, a month!) in which their lips may peel. This is good and normal! Speed it up by using SeneGence lip smooth lip scrub. Read more about peeling and flaking LipSense here.

4) Waterline issues

The waterline is that part of your inner lips that touch saliva. If you lick/bite/chew your lips, your lip color will wear off quick. Break these habits! (Note: I stopped chewing my mouth once I started using LipSense. I was subconsciously doing it because my lips were always dry and uncomfortable!) Dry your waterline well (with a paper towel or something non-linty) and tilt your head up (so the spit doesn’t pool) while applying, or do the SeneSlurp. LOL!

Since LipSense won’t come off on your teeth, it’s ok to get that applicator way in there! You can reapply LipSense to your waterline if it wears off, just dry it well first and make sure you’ve wiped off any Gloss.

That’s it! I want you to LOVE your LipSense and be a rabid fan who sends tons of customers my way (haha!) so please let me know if you aren’t 100% pleased and we’ll troubleshoot.

Or view the video below:

LipSense Tips Video