National Lipstick Day – deals and freebies galore!

Did you know that Sunday, July 29 is National Lipstick Day?  Yes it’s true! And I’m here to announce special deals, gifts and a giveaway to celebrate the occasion! All the fun stuff will be happening in my Facebook community.

Join here!

And here are the details on my National Lipstick Day party!

national lipstick day

– From 7 am until 9 pm, every 30 minutes in my Facebook community, I’m featuring a LipSense shade. If you order that color within the 30-minute window, you get a free gift in your order! Ordering is simple – just send me a Facebook message. I ship same or next day.

– ALL lip products (LipSense, Gloss) will be 10% off with no tax and no shipping!


– All orders will get you an entry into a giveaway for any skin care product in my inventory! WOW!

If you’ve never tried LipSense before, Sunday is the day to take the leap. LipSense is much better than traditional waxy lipstick!

It doesn’t require reapplying, won’t embarrass you by getting on your teeth, your coffee cup or wine glass. You can kiss your babies without fear of messing up your lipstick.

Let’s party!

If you’re a LipSense lover, Sunday’s your day to try a new color or get a new Gloss if yours is getting low.

See you on Sunday for National Lipstick Day!

p.s. If you’re not on Facebook, no problem. Email me at clauth at gmail dot com to take advantage of the specials.

black lipstick that doesn’t come off

Raise your hand if you want a black lipstick that doesn’t come off! If you love to rock that Goth look but don’t want the mess of black lipstick that smears or makes a mess, check this out:

black lipstick that doesn't come off

BlackBerry LipSense is a matte black lipstick that doesn’t smear and doesn’t come off! Now only does it not smudge or kiss off, but it is long-lasting and will stay on for 4-18 hours!

LipSense is a liquid lip color. It has pure color pigments suspended in a liquid base and contains botanical ingredients to soothe your lips.

Another benefit of it? It’s long lasting but doesn’t dry out your lips!

Take a look at these black lipstick collages featuring BlackBerry:

black lipstick that doesn't come off

BlackBerry LipSense is a black lipstick that looks beautiful on a variety of skin tones.

For the best experience, we recommend that someone using LipSense for the first time buy the Starter Collection. It has:

  • LipSense color of choice (over 50 to choose from but of course you want the black lipstick that doesn’t come off – BlackBerry!)
  • Gloss of choice (over a dozen, including Matte Gloss for those who rock that matte look!)
  • Ooops remover, a gentle, coconut-oil based remover you use to correct mistakes or remove it at night.

The Starter Collection is $55 plus shipping and handling. You can get one directly from this site, 24/7.

Or, join my Facebook group to ask questions and see better pics of the colors!

Lipstick that doesn’t contain lead

In recent years, numerous reports have been published about lead in many popular brands of lipstick. Are you looking for lipstick that doesn’t contain lead? Read on!

First of all, is lead in lipstick this a real concern or just hype?

lipstick that doesn't contain lead

Actually, yes, lead in lipstick is no bueno.

According to this report on CBS News, “Lead builds up in the body over time and lead-containing lipstick applied several times a day, every day, can add up to significant exposure levels..”
– source “Poisonous Puckers” 


The FDA even recommended that cosmetics companies reduce levels of lead in lipsticks!  – source 

The good news is, there is a beautiful, long-lasting lipstick that doesn’t contain lead! It’s called LipSense.

LipSense has always been lead free, so we never had to remove lead from it. LipSense is made in the USA. It’s also: vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free and lasts 4-18 hours! As a plus, it doesn’t dry out your lips. Unbelievable!

LipSense is available in over 50 beautiful colors in matte, shimmer and frost finishes. LipSense is sealed with a shea butter and vitamin E gloss. So, it puts moisture back into your lips and feels great on!

To order LipSense the first time, you’ll need the Starter Collection. It includes:

  • LipSense color of choice
  • Gloss of choice
  • Ooops remover (to fix mistakes and remove it at night. Ooops is a gentle, coconut oil based remover.)

Go HERE to see available colors and shop online 24/7, or comment below if you need help!

If you’re interested in finding lipstick that doesn’t contain lead, you might also be interested in botanically based cosmetics and skin care. SeneGence (makers of LipSense) make that too!

Not only does it look beautiful, it delivers skin care benefits. SeneGence creamy cosmetics and skin care contain herbal extracts and plant oils that are proven to increase the cellular renewal of the skin by up to 23%. That’s amazing!

Go HERE to shop anytime, or go to my Facebook group to ask questions.

Get the lead out (pun totally intended!) and try LipSense.




Red lipstick that doesn’t bleed – we’ve got it!

Do you love a good red lip? I know I do! But we also want red lipstick that doesn’t bleed into fine lines and wrinkles. We want a gorgeous red lipstick that doesn’t bleed, feather or smudge! Guess what?! I’ve found one!

Read on…



If you love to rock that classic red lip, a la French girl or Marilyn Monroe, check out LipSense!

LipSense is a smudge-proof, kiss-proof lipstick that doesn’t bleed (actually, it’s not lipstick, it’s liquid lip color technology!). LipSense is available in two gorgeous reds: Fly Girl and Blu-Red.

Red lipstick that doesn't bleed

Fly Girl is a gorgeous matte red with a warm undertone.

Blu Red is a stunning, true matte red with blue (cool) undertone.

Red lipstick that doesn't bleed

These gorgeous red lip colors are ALSO long-wearing! They’ll last 4-18 hours and feel awesome on. They’re long lasting but don’t dry out your lips!

For the best experience, we recommend that someone new to LipSense buy the Starter Collection. It has:

  • LipSense color of choice (over 50 to choose from!)
  • Gloss of choice (over a dozen, including Matte Gloss for those who rock that matte look!)
  • Ooops remover, a gentle, coconut-oil based remover you use to correct mistakes or remove it at night.

The Starter Collection is $55 plus shipping and handling. You can get one directly from this site, 24/7.

Or, join my Facebook group to ask questions and see better pics of the colors!

Maybe you want a gorgeous red lip on your prom, date night or wedding day. Ain’t nobody got time for red lipstick that bleeds or feathers.

Get you some LipSense girl. It just makes sense!


Long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry lips – you’ve found it!

Looking for a long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry lips? I’m so glad you landed on this page because we have what you’re looking for!

Nobody wants to be constantly reapplying lipstick, so long lasting lipstick and lip stains have become more popular in recent years.

The trouble is, many of them dry your lips out! Yuck!

Long lasting lipstick that doesn't dry lips

So what’s this awesome long lasting lipstick that doesn’t dry lips? I’m glad you asked! It’s called LipSense.

LipSense lasts from 4-18 hours and is smudge proof, kiss proof and budge proof. It’s a liquid lip color that deposits pure color pigments onto your lips. Then, it’s sealed with a Gloss which contains shea butter and vitamin E. THIS is the secret to why it doesn’t dry out your lips!

LipSense won’t embarrass you by coming off on your teeth or coffee cup, or your baby, husband or whatever else. It has to be seen to be believed!

For the best experience, we recommend that someone new to LipSense buy the Starter Collection. It has:

  • LipSense color of choice (over 50 to choose from!)
  • Gloss of choice (over a dozen)
  • Ooops remover, a gentle, coconut-oil based remover you use to correct mistakes or remove it at night.

The Starter Collection is $55 plus shipping and handling. You can get one directly from this site, 24/7.

Or, join my Facebook group to ask questions and see better pics of the colors!

I was SO HAPPY to find lipstick that lasted for hours, even through meals, AND felt great on. Before I started using LipSense, I had chronically chapped lips. I was totally addicted to lip balm! No more! The Glossy Gloss is so moisturizing and I love how it feels.

It’s even made my lips look a little plumper due to the increased moisture.

If you’d love to try a long wearing lip color that doesn’t dry out your lips, check out LipSense!




Nominate a breast cancer warrior to win a FREE Kiss for a Cause LipSense!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and I decided to honor 5 warrior women with a beautiful LipSense Starter Collection featuring Kiss for a Cause. SeneGence donates a portion of the sale of each of these beautiful colors to breast cancer charities through the Make Sense Foundation (SeneGence’s own charity).

Kiss for a Cause is a beautiful shimmering bold pinkish-purple. The Starter Collection includes this beautiful color (or another, if the winner prefers!). It also comes with our wonderful Glossy Gloss to seal in the long-wearing color and moisturize the lips. Finally, an Ooops! Remover for easy removal of the color at the end of the day.

Do you have a dear friend or relative who is a survivor or currently battling breast cancer? Or perhaps it’s you? Please fill out this form to nominate someone for this giveaway.

I’ll be giving away FIVE complete Starter Collections on October 31 in my Facebook group here.

In addition, SeneGence is also donating $5 for each new distributor who signs up this month. Becoming a distributor is a great deal for those who want to make money selling the products. It’s also wonderful for those who just want a discount! Go HERE to sign up – just $55 a year gets you a discount on our amazing LipSense as well as wonderful skin care.

Email me or comment below for more information!

LipSense and Peeling, Flaking Lips: what’s going on?!

Let’s talk about LipSense and peeling flaking lips! What’s happening the first few weeks I use LipSense? Is it making my lips peel? If you Google “LipSense and peeling/flaking lips”, you may find information about the so-called “exfoliation phase” – but that’s a misnomer! LipSense is not causing your lips to peel or flake. More about the so-called “exfoliation phase” below, and what to do about it! (Meanwhile, join my Facebook group so you can get more tips like this!)
LipSense peeling and flaking lips

The “EXFOLIATION PHASE” with new LipSense users: is LipSense making my lips peel and flake?

No! LipSense does not CAUSE lips to peel or flake or exfoliate.

Your lips, just like the rest of your skin, is always sloughing off dead skin cells. (Like when you scratch your arm and see ashy, dead skin.)

Inferior products with high concentrations of cheap wax (I’m talking to you, Chap Stick!) BLOCK this process while you’re using them. They literally BLOCK hydration and the normal permeability of your lips. Why does a surfer wax their board? To keep water OUT!

Exfoliation is not what your skin does, it’s what YOU DO to hasten this process and remove the dead skin so your skin can look its best. (So when you use an exfoliator like a wet washcloth or loofah in the shower, or Polishing Exfoliator from SeneGence you’re uncovering the younger, healthier skin.)

Glossy Gloss is amazing stuff! Its synthetic, vegan beeswax alternative do NOT block the exchange of moisture from the air (or water you drink) to your lips! USE Glossy Gloss at night after you remove your LipSense.

AVOID using Chap Stick or other crappy lip balms if you want the maximum wear time and most beautiful application of your LipSense! We do have a wonderful Lip Balm if you’re interested, it’s the best one I’ve ever used and I only need to use it ONCE a day… not every 30 minutes like I used to have to use cheap lip balms!

Your lips are SUPPOSED to slough off (peel, flake) just like the rest of your skin… treat them well by gently scrubbing them every night with a damp washcloth and applying Glossy Gloss (or our lip balm!) and you’ll wake up to baby soft lips.

DRINK your WATER!!! Stay hydrated and use Glossy Gloss to heal chronically chapped lips (like it did mine!). (See: Glossy Gloss to help chronically chapped lips)

Science buffs who want more info can go here to read more about the so-called “exfoliation phase”.

If you prefer, you can watch this video all about why your lips may peel or flake when you start LipSense:

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Lipsense Dry Lips: how LipSense healed my chapped lips and lip balm addiction!

My name is Carrie Willard, and I’m a recovering lip balm addict. I used to have several types of lip balm scattered around my house: one in each bathroom, one in the kitchen junk drawer, one in the car, one in my purse – sometimes one in my pocket! No longer. LipSense healed my dry lips and I never use lip balm anymore!

LipSense dry lips: how LipSense healed my chronic chapped lips

I’ve tried so many different brands of lip balm through the years. I even tried making my own or using straight up coconut oil. Didn’t work! I was so addicted, that I had even developed a bad habit of chewing the inside of my mouth when my lips felt dry.

It was after using LipSense for a week or two that I noticed something. I was no longer chewing my lips and I wasn’t applying lip balm. Glossy Gloss had healed my chronically chapped lips!

I couldn’t believe it at first, until I heard other people say the same thing. The Vitamin E and Shea butter in the LipSense Glosses is truly moisturizing. Instead of having a high wax content like other lip products (because it’s cheap!), Glossy Gloss is TRULY moisturizing.

You would think it would have sunk in at some point that the products I used to use on my dry lips weren’t effective – if they were, why did I have to constantly reapply them!?

Now, I only reapply my Gloss after I eat. I love it! Would you like to try LipSense for your dry lips and see if you have the same result? Contact me by leaving a comment below.