French girl no makeup look: how to do it in 5 minutes

Why a French girl no makeup look? For many women around the world, French women are style icons. One of the things I’ve learned from reading many books on the topic is this: a French girl spends most of her beauty budget on the best skin care, and prefers a natural makeup look.

So here is my take on… how to do a French girl no makeup look, in just 5 minutes!

How to do a French Girl "No Makeup" Look
How to do a French Girl “No Makeup” Look

Typically, a French girl chooses either a bold lip (keeping the rest of the face relatively bare), or highlights her eyes and keeps the lips more neutral. Either way, she wants her skin to take center stage.

This is why I’m a huge fan of SeneGence skin care! It increases the “glow” (the scientific term for this is luminosity) and moisture levels in the skin. It increases the rate at which cells turn over, meaning younger, fresher skin. Read more about SeneGence skin care here.

If your skin’s in great shape, when it’s time to put on makeup, you don’t need as much! Here’s my French girl inspired “no makeup” look with a more neutral lip.

French girl "no makeup" look

The products I used to create the French girl “no makeup” look:

Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer in Light – I love this product because it protects my skin from the sun and provides light coverage, as well as correcting any redness. It also contains skin care ingredients so it’s nourishing while it corrects! Because it’s only available in 3 shades, choosing the right one is tres simple! Click HERE to order.

Pearlizer on my eyelids – Pearlizer is a fun and versatile product! It gives you a pretty glow without looking harsh. It contains anti-aging moisturizers, minerals and vitamins. It can be used all over the face – mixed with moisturizer or foundation, or used as a highlighter. I use Pearlizer here as an eyeshadow to impart a subtle glow. It looks like I’ve spent an afternoon in the sun.

Black LashSense with UnderSense – this is a lash lengthener/builder and mascara in one. It’s waterproof and lasts all day. Order HERE.

Toasted Rose BlushSense –  a subtle brownish pink – and it also contains anti-aging ingredients! Order HERE.

LipSense – I applied Praline Rose LipSense topped with Bougainvillea Gloss for a color that’s just a little darker and nicer than my natural lip color! LipSense is smudge-proof and will last 4-18 hours without drying my lips.

If you’d like to watch my makeup application from start to finish, watch this video on Facebook: How to do a French Girl “no makeup” look.  (You’ll have to request access to join my group!) 

SeneGence Skin Care: my routine and what makes SeneGence skin care different

SeneGence Skin Care

These are the SeneGence skin care products I use every day (in this order) to care for my skin. The first thing to know about SeneGence skin care products is that every one of them contain our propriety SenePlex complex, a blend of ingredients that increase cellular turnover. In plain English, this means that the newer, fresher, younger skin cells get pushed to the surface of the skin faster… up to 23% faster according to independent lab results.

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As we age, the collagen production in our bodies decreases. This is why our skin doesn’t “snap” back as quickly. Wounds heal more slowly. And wrinkles and sagging happen. SenePlex complex boosts collagen production. It works for all skin types and all ages. Our products are guaranteed to work or your money back!

Something else unique about SeneGence skin care products is that they are developed with different molecular weights and sizes, depending on what they’re designed to do. So the “treatment” products are a very tiny size and weight, meaning they can penetrate to deeper layers of skin and do what they’re designed to do! Eye creme is also super light because the eye area has thinner skin. The products that go on as a final layer (moisturizers) are heavier to provide a mechanical shield from the sun and to protect skin from the environment. (Similar to how you put on long underwear first, then your clothing, then an overcoat!)

My SeneGence Skin Care Routine:

SeneGence skin care: my routine and what makes it different

3-in-1-Cleanser – this cleanser eliminates the need for toner. It’s detergent-free, and cleanses, tones and hydrates. It restores pH and removes dirt, oil and makeup. I use the Normal to Dry cleanser in the summer, and the Dry cleanser in winter. It’s the only cleanser that both removes my makeup AND doesn’t leave my face feeling dry and parched!

Key ingredients: algae extract, humectants, aloe vera, avocado oil, lavender

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – this treatment is proven to reduce the depth of wrinkles. It contains ingredients that calms nerves and relaxes facial muscles (like an herbal Botox!).

Key ingredients: Green tea leaf extract for antioxidants, jojoba seed oil, anti-wrinkle complex

Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment – I use this to correct the dark circles under my eyes and also to shrink bags and puffiness!

Key ingredients: suma root extract, potency wood extract, Madonna lily flower

Climate Control – pure hydration – this product helps damaged and dry skin and regulates the “climate” of your skin. It’s one of SeneGence’s most beloved products.

SeneSerum-C – a blend of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients on the market today. It helps protect skin from the urban environment, repairing damage from pollution. If you use other products that claim to contain Vitamin C, they’re probably not potent and the C is completely inactive! The tiny “pearls” in this product protect the Vitamin C until it’s applied to your face.

Key ingredients: Stabilized Vitamin C to boost collagen production

Eye Creme – super silky, velvety and lightweight! Your eye makeup won’t slip off and it won’t make your eyes water.

Key ingredients: soybean oil to improve hydration and smoothness, kukui seed oil to soothe, vitamin A to increase elasticity

DayTime Moisturizer is a lightweight product that offers additional anti-aging ingredients as well as a mechanical shield from the sun’s rays.

Key ingredients: moringa oil to soothe and depuff, almond oil for silky skin without greasiness, jojoba to promote soothing and healing

SeneGence Skin Care Nighttime Routine

At night, I use Night Creme instead of Daytime moisturizer. This may be my favorite skin care product! It smells like heaven and makes my skin feel so good. It has the highest concentration of SenePlex complex of any of the SeneGence skin care.

Key ingredients: SenePlex complex, jojoba oil, avocado oil, Orchid flower extract, algae extract, yeast extract (for B vitamins), vitamin E, vitamin A, glucosamine, hyaluronate.

I also seal in my skin care with Collagen Night Pak. Collagen Night Pak is a break-through anti-aging sleep treatment product. It harnesses the power of 100% natural marine collagen, revitalizing caffeine, and SeneGence’s proprietary anti-aging complex, SenePlex Complex. It seals in
moisture while you sleep, and creates a protective veil that helps to prevent drying and damage that occurs overnight and can lead to unwanted signs of aging.

You can learn more about SeneGence skin care by watching this video:

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My Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine (and why I love taking the time for it!)

In the video I posted in the Facebook group earlier, I shared my morning and evening skin care routine. I used to hate taking time to do this stuff and often skipped it (bad I know!), but now I relish it. It’s a mini spa treatment twice a day and I guard it carefully! It helps that these products feel great and are fun to use. I can feel my skin saying thank you when I take time to apply the SeneGence skin care products. I talk more about my favorites below.

Why It’s Important to Be Faithful To a Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine

Even if we manage to do our skin care in the morning, evenings are often a chaotic time for us moms, especially if we have young ones that are a bit high maintenance at night. We and our little ones are tired, perhaps a bit cranky, and the youngest is usually needy and wanting to be cuddled. There are baths to take, teeth to brush, stories to read. It’s easy to say, “Eh, forget it!” when it comes to our evening skin care routine.

But this is a mistake. Our skin regenerates and heals when we sleep and it’s important that we apply products that can support this process. SeneGence skin care products contain SenePlex complex, a kinetic enzyme that increases the cellular renewal of the skin. Meaning that it regenerates faster, exposing younger, more radiant skin!
In addition, skin care really does make a difference. Since I started using SeneGence skin care, my face has a more even tone, no more uncomfortable dry patches, and I have only gotten two small blemishes (I used to get a couple each month). So, it’s worth taking the time to do it.
It’s also a small, easily accessible but important part of self care. Like exercise and other habits that make us feel and look good (but because of their “important but not urgent” status are too easily overlooked), it’s worth taking the time to perform these self care rituals.

I find that I’m more likely to do my skin care routine (and care for my teeth!) if I do it shortly after dinner, before I’m exhausted late at night and more likely to shrug it off.

Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine

My Morning and Evening Skin Care Routine

A little more about each thing I described in the video here: (in my Facebook group)
MORNING Skin Care Routine:
I wash my face with a TINY drop of 3 in 1 Cleanser for Normal to Dry skin. I was formerly using the Dry formula, but my nose would get a little oily in the middle of the day so I switched and no longer have that issue.
(Some people need to use a different cleanser for different times in their cycle because hormones affect oil production.)
This product makes my skin feel clean without that parched feeling.
Then I put a little Anti-Wrinkle Treatment onto wrinkles. This product contains natural ingredients that “relax” wrinkles and stimulate cell production (including green tea extract and jojoba seed oil)
Then I put a drop of SeneSerum C in my hand and two sprays of Climate Control, mix them together and apply.
SeneSerum C is a 100% natural blend of stabilized Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production and reverses cell damage. It fights “urbanization” and delivers Vitamin C to the skin. This product lightens age spots.
Climate Control, which many call a miracle in a bottle is pure hydration that evens out the skin’s “climate”, making it more luminous. It contains hyaluronate (which Dr. Oz has talked about on his show as being one of the best anti-aging ingredients!) and glucosamine which helps skin maintain elasticity and is a natural anti-inflammatory.
Then I put on Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment. It tightens up bags with caffeine and Madonna Lily flower extract and even “gobbles up” leaky capillaries and helps strengthen them to avoid leaking blood into the area (which is a contributor to darkness in the area).
Some people say they can feel this product tightening up the skin under their eyes!
Then I apply DayTime moisturizer. This product got rid of the uncomfortable dry patches on my cheeks.
And finally, Lip Volumizer. I can’t tell if this product is working or not. I should’ve taken before pics! I do think it makes my lips look less “wrinkly” because it’s designed to deliver a ton of moisture to the lips (and increase collagen – some people say it gives them a lip line where they didn’t have one before because collagen supports the structure of their lips!).
Then I dab on EyeLuminator (a mix of Eye Creme and Pearlizer). It lightens up the undereye area and is silky smooth and won’t affect makeup application or make your makeup slide around. It feels wonderful on and brightens up the eyes. Love it!
NIGHTTIME Skin Care Routine
If I’m wearing our LashSense waterproof mascara, I use Foops! makeup remover to gently remove it, then wash my face with Normal to Dry Cleanser.
I do the same Anti-Wrinkle Treatment, Climate Control and SeneSerum C, Dark Circle Corrector.
But this time I add a couple of drops of Nangai Oil to the mix to super-hydrate my skin at night, then apply Night Creme.
I wish I could BATHE in both of these because they’re so amazing!
Nangai Oil is a 100% pure triglyceride which creates a moisture barrier to the skin and decreases the moisture loss. It’s also amazing for any type of rash or wound. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the night creme. (Both of these products smell like a warm beach and a fruity beverage LOL!) It makes my skin feel baby soft.
Then, I put on Collagen Night Pack which is a unique product that I’ve never seen the likes of before. It creates a sort of protective veil to seal in all the wonderful stuff you’ve applied and prevent it from rubbing off on your pillow.
Collagen Night Pack creates a buffer like a cushion that decreases folds in the skin causes by your pillow! It rebuilds collagen while you sleep and contains seaweed, caffeine, collagen, hyaluronate (that ingredient Dr. Oz loves again!), bamboo extract, arnica, green tea and vitamin E for more anti-oxidant benefits.
I do a final application of Lip Volumizer (then later on, I put on lip balm or glossy gloss which is the reason my chronically chapped lips have healed!).
All this takes me about 5 minutes, twice a day, but it feels like a miniature spa. 
Message me if you want to try any of these! If you’re local to me, I’ll let you try full-size products for a week in your home so you can test them out.