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Looking for how to become a SeneGence distributor or if you should consider this opportunity? Read on for my experience.

I became a SeneGence distributor in April 2017. I have a loyal customer base who love our products – some of whom buy from me each month. I also lead a team of 350+ women and am honored to work with each of them!

That’s not to say that if you become a SeneGence distributor you won’t have challenges.

Au contraire! Building a business takes consistent work and mental toughness. It takes stepping outside your comfort zone on the regular and growing as a person.

To become a SeneGence distributor you go HERE and submit your application. There’s a $55 annual fee. (After tax and shipping that ends up being around $66.) You do not get any product with that sign up fee. The exception would be if there is a sign up promotion. For example, free LIPS kit. Contact me here to inquire about the current promo.

become a senegence distributor

Once you sign up, I highly recommend purchasing one of our deeply discount new distributor kits.


So you can get more experience using the products yourself. It’s hard to sell something if you aren’t convinced of its value. The kits also give you the greatest discount possible and include inventory you can use for demos and sell for immediate profit.

Do I Have to Stock Inventory?

The short answer is no. However, I personally carry inventory and recommend having a small inventory. I sell more products when I have them available for immediate shipping. (See my ZenSales review for more info on how I ship from home.)

If you choose not to stock inventory, you can use the CDO (Customer Direct Ordering) option from SeneGence. The company will fulfill your customer’s order and ship it to them, paying you a commission weekly.

Do I Have to Do Parties?

Because I have 7 children and homeschool, I primarily build my business using social media. Parties are awesome and pretty fun too. But they’re not a requirement.

However you prefer to build your business, I can point you in the direction of training and resources to help you do just that.

SeneGence distributor just for discount

Sometimes people ask if they should become a SeneGence distributor just for discount purposes. I don’t actually recommend this. In order to maintain your active distributorship status, you must purchase 100 PV ($200 retail) every 6 months. That’s easy to do with personal use of the products.

However, to get the maximum discount, it’s best to place bulk orders. This only makes sense. The max discount (unless you purchase the new distributor kits, which are more discounted) is 50%. To hit that discount level, you must purchase $600 retail per month (which costs you around $350 after tax and shipping).

If you want a discount, it makes more sense to partner with your SeneGence distributor to host a fun demo and earn free product and discounts on your order. We also have a “partner for profits” program if you’re not into the party thing.

Should I Become a SeneGence Distributor?

Only you can answer that! Joining SeneGence has been a blessing for me. As a mom of 7, life isn’t cheap and I literally prayed for an opportunity like this.

Should I become a SeneGence distributor?
A few of the girls on my team at a training in Charleston, SC. I’m the one in the middle with the jeans on.

However, the business is not for everyone! As I said in the beginning, it requires mental toughness to own your own business. It’s also important that you’re willing to commit to daily activity to build your customer base. It can be done very part-time, but it still requires some time.

Read more about SeneGence distributor benefits here.

If you decide you’d like to work with me and be mentored, go HERE to sign up. The next step will be to check your email for the New Distributor Checklist I’ll send you. Then we’ll schedule your launch.

I look forward to welcoming you in our team Facebook group and if you choose to participate, seeing your face on our weekly training calls.

Note: If you don’t think the business is for you but you love our products and would like to earn free product for referring your friends, go here to read more about the SeneGence Kiss and Tell Program!

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