Using Attraction Marketing for Your Direct Sales Business

Instead of being spammy, using attraction marketing for your direct sales business is an effective way of getting new customers and teammates.  Read on for tips…

One of the things I hear most from people new to network marketing and direct sales is this: “I don’t want to be salesy and spammy!”  It’s a very good thing when they say that! It means they don’t want to be like those annoying people who do the following things:

  • Blast their social media profiles with graphic after graphic featuring their product or business opportunity
  • Send spammy cold messages filled with hype
  • Guilt-trip friends into doing them favors
  • Tagging people without permission in their live sales or posts
  • Posting self-promoting content to other people’s wall or group without permission

UGH!!! All of this is manipulative and definitely a turnoff! It gives network marketing a bad name.

The trouble is, because they don’t want to be lumped into the same category as spammy people, they often are paralyzed into doing NOTHING. Then they don’t make any money. (Insert sad face!)

This is where attraction marketing comes to the rescue!

Using Attraction Marketing for Your Direct Sales Business

Using Attraction Marketing for Your Direct Sales Business

So what IS attraction marketing? Former top earner in the business turned industry trainer Ray Higdon defines it this way:

“Attraction marketing is the art of leading with value vs what you have for sale. It is the difference between the person frustratingly posting their sales page or opportunity overview video on Facebook daily for no results compared to the person that shares videos with teaching content daily and building a large audience.”

Here are the guidelines for attraction marketing:

  • Post valuable content on social media (videos, tutorials, graphics, text posts etc)
  • No company name or product name (the Why on this comes later)
  • Share benefits, not features. In other words, tell people what the product or opportunity DOES, not what it IS
  • Respond to all comments shortly after posting

Why no company or product name? 

If you’re using a Facebook group as a way of educating your customers, then certainly you can mention specific product names.

However, when you post to your personal profile constantly about XX product, you do two things: you raise RESISTANCE and you enable people to do independent research on Google. Are they going to find your product cheaper on eBay or Amazon (sold by a disgrunted ex-distributor or worse, fake product)? Are they going to find negative publicity about your product? Absolutely!

Not mentioning product name or company name means that people must comment or message you to find out what you’re using or what you’re doing! You raise CURIOSITY this way. You also get a chance to build a relationship with the person.

Would it feel good to get people reaching out to YOU about your products and business?

Some examples of attraction marketing curiosity posts:

  • You post an “after” pic and say how you’re so happy that you’re now experiencing XXX (benefit) or no longer experiencing (problem).  For example, skin care: posting a “no makeup” face and explaining how much better your skin looks now.
  • Share a picture of a downline who just won some award or achievement (again – no company name) and tell how proud you are to be working with this person. (This works because people CRAVE recognition!)
  • Post a photo of something you’ve recently purchased as a result of your business earnings and express gratitude.
  • Snap a pic of yourself and your team at a company event (without it giving away the name), and talk about how awesome it is to have a “girl gang”. (Another thing people crave is to be part of a team!)
  • Post a free tutorial on something loosely related to your product line (makeup tips for the busy mom, how to help an anxious child with essential oils, etc). At the end of the video, ask people to reach out for more tips. Private message them and invite them to take a look at what you’ve got.

The possibilities are truly endless. Get creative and you can come up with dozens of ideas. Be sure to re-use posts that work, because everyone isn’t going to see all of your content. If it works, save it somewhere and re-use it again a few months later!

Instead of being spammy, using attraction marketing for your direct sales business is an effective way of getting new customers and teammates.

If I’m not saying my company or product name, how can I sell stuff?!

This is a great question and it’s exactly what I wondered for so long before I actually began DOING attraction marketing. My sales have not suffered a bit since making the switch!

I recently did a challenge in which I posted a live video on Facebook every day for two weeks. The practice was SO effective that I’ve kept it up every day since. Even though I wasn’t talking about my products or company, and most of the content didn’t even have to do with my general niche of skin care and makeup, I ended up getting new customers, a new downline, and many more eyes on my stuff.


Because money flows to VALUE. When you create value on social media, people follow you. They listen to what you have to say. You’re a refreshing change from the usual drama, politically charged stuff, fluff, etc that fills up their newsfeed.

People spend money with people they know, like and trust. Providing content makes them like and trust you. And it makes them feel like they know you. People will come out of the woodwork saying, “I’ve been watching your videos and… (insert question about your business).” Trust me. This stuff works!

When people reach out to YOU, it’s their choice. Their decision. They’re more invested in getting more information. At that point, you can ask if they’re open to taking a look at your products or opportunity. And use whatever tool your team is utilizing (a short video, a Facebook group, etc). So simple and duplicatable! 

Another benefit of attraction marketing is that it doesn’t turn off your warm market (friends and family). They may or may not be interested in your business, and that’s ok. But they still want to follow you on social media. Blasting productproductproduct companycompanycompany all the time is going to make them LESS likely to join you in business.

Truly, spammy and salesy tactics not only aren’t effective long-term (they may get an initial trickle of sales, but aren’t sustainable), but they don’t FEEL good. We know this. They give network marketers a bad name and make people think badly of our industry. There IS a better way.

I hope these tips help you learn how to use attraction marketing to grow your direct sales and network marketing business!