Show Us Your LipSense: Blu Red

LipSense Blu-Red


In today’s installment of Show Us Your LipSense, our model is wearing Blu Red topped with Glossy Gloss.

As a ballet dancer, Ilana needs a lipstick that won’t quit for performances! LipSense won’t melt under hot stage lights or smear onto costumes.

Warning! Do not try this at home with other lipstick ladies!!

Why I joined SeneGence

In the video below, I share why I joined SeneGence International in order to sell LipSense.

I’m a busy homeschooling mom of seven kids. And I already work from home as a blogger.

However, I understand the power of direct sales and in addition to the monetary benefits, I have very personal reasons why I needed this company. In short, I watched my mom become a very successful businesswoman in direct sales.

In the video I explain:

  • Why I chose direct sales as a side hustle
  • Why I picked SeneGence in particular
  • My “why” – the reasons motivating me, both financial and deeply personal

I hope you enjoy watching it!